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"I had a reiki session after a tough breakup to release all of the pent-up negative energy I was carrying. I had never had reiki done on me before so I was slightly skeptical yet interested and ready to try it out given the circumstances. Zoe made the experience SO comfortable for me! She was informative throughout the entire session and made sure to check in periodically. The energy in the space felt right and you can just feel her healing energy before she begins! After an hour-long session I felt as if though a weight had been lifted off of me, I felt lighter energetically and spiritually immediately. My mood improved and the negative emotions I was holding onto felt nonexistent... LITERALLY! To this day, I will credit her reiki skills for allowing me to release the negativity necessary for me to grow. I would definitely recommend her to ANYONE interested in having a reiki session done!"


"One of the most emotionally relieving moments I’ve experienced was with Zoe’s help! She was so gentle and in tune with me throughout the entire session."


"Zoe was fantastic, she always listened carefully to my needs and goals as well as helped plan accordingly for each goal. She supported me in staying on track and went above and beyond to make sure I was thriving from her coaching. She made sure to check in with me about her coaching style to make sure that everything was working out nicely and that I was happy and felt like I was getting the best out of our time together. She was wonderful and I would definitely recommend her."


"Zoë has performed multiple distance reiki sessions for me that are deeply restorative and relaxing. After each session, I feel re-centered and more connected with my higher self. In one of our most recent sessions, I felt I reached a threshold with my breath I had not felt in a long time. I was able to identify the energy in my chest and release negativity allowing me to breathe deeper and consciously connect with my true self."


"Zoe has improved my life significantly by working with me diligently in our life coaching sessions. I am so grateful for her encouragement, acknowledgment, and compassionate support."


"Zoe has a very sweet and calm nature. I always look forward to our sessions. She has a strong sense of self and it inspires others to be authentic/true to themselves."


"Zoe is, first and foremost, a very empathetic and understanding person. I scheduled a session with her due to an intense emotional conflict in my life, and rather than start the session and go through without talking, she was able to sit beforehand and listened to my very personal conflict. She related her own perception, honestly was understanding, and gave her feedback and story.
She was also able to pick up on high-energy areas, my head, heart, and the like, and focus on them. It was cathartic and peaceful, deeply so.
She also recommended an energetic cord cutting, which I'd never done before. Severing a one-way energy connection to a deeply conflicted individual has done wonders for my energetic stability and mental clarity. Highly recommend Zoe and her practice."


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